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Benefits and Risks

“Benefits and Risks of Pyramid Air Protect®”

Benefits :

The expected benefits of this treatment are on several levels.

  • Economical at the time of purchase.
  • No consumables
  • 2 operating modes, treatment 24 hours a day
  • No person required to operate
  • After the treatment there is no longer any chemical product
  • Treats 100% of the surfaces in every corner
  • Eliminates viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces
  • Eliminates most odors

Risks :

According to his opponents, it is dangerous
Yes, but in high doses like any other effective product.
One person can enter the zone during treatment
When a person enters an area to be treated, they are immediately warned by a luminous and strict audible alarm and they immediately smell a very specific and pungent odor. Yes, it is possible for a person to enter a zone that is being treated, but they will exit immediately. This “experience” will not be a problem for most of us, as in ozone shock mode we propose an ozone concentration that is effective against viruses and bacteria, but is 3.5 times lower than the IDLH threshold of 5 ppm (see explanation below).

Let’s compare some of the suggested methods.

Treatment with disinfectants


Effective, yes, but at what environmental and time costs?

  • Poisonous substances
  • Most effective products are not biodegradable
  • This solution is not easy to deploy. It takes time and a number of qualified personnel.
  • Quality product = high cost.

Portable UV lamp (UV SCAN)


Relatively inexpensive equipment.

  • Dangerous for the operator who remains in constant contact with UV-C radiation.
  • Portable UV-C lamps are an economic outlier in terms of labor costs and require a lot of time to treat a single room with no guarantee that the operator has covered all surfaces as what he has to treat is invisible to the naked is eye.

The buyer of this product should ask themselves several questions before ordering.

  • When using the UV-C scanner, it is essential to wear protection, gloves, long-sleeved jacket, trousers and a helmet with a visor for eye and skin protection. Will the operator be ready to accept this?
  • How will the operator in confined spaces handle a bulky device that weighs several kilos at arm’s length for hours?
  • How can you treat hard-to-reach surfaces?
  • According to some established manufacturers, the UV-C lamp must be operated 1 cm away from the surface to be treated, as the output of the lamps is low for reasons of operator safety: everyone will derive the result from low UV-C output and efficiency.
  • We are aware that the effectiveness of a UV-C treatment is based on two inseparable parameters: UV-C power (mJ / cm2) and contact time.
  • Effectiveness? Are laboratory tests undisputed?
  • Even with a low UV-C output, interesting results can be achieved in the laboratory that prove the “effectiveness” of the device by simply increasing the contact time on the contaminated surface to be treated.
  • So what exposure time is required to get an effective treatment?
  • What is the operating temperature of the lamps?
  • What do the lamps cost? They are extremely fragile; At the slightest shock, they break and release harmful gases.

Robot UV treatment


It doesn’t leave any product on the surfaces, just like ozone.

* The only questions that the future user will have to ask are: Up to what distance are the UV-C lamps effective? And how much exposure time does it take to destroy the virus?
* For example, is a robot pass in a large corridor at an airport or hospital enough to destroy the virus?

  • The equipment was extremely expensive and fragile.
  • Only surfaces that are in direct contact with lamp emissions are treated.
  • Requires qualified personnel at all times to move the robot from room to another.
  • Sold at a price that does not allow small structures to acquire.
  • Just like ozone, it cannot be used if the room is occupied during treatment.

Ozone treatment

As reported by Hudson et al. (2007) [48] allows the gaseous state that ozone treats hard-to-reach areas and disinfects much more than just visible surfaces.
Each recess is treated including under surfaces that are normally inaccessible by pulverization or UV-C radiation.

In the case of our Pyramid Air Protect®, customizable functions and remote activation require no work. Every night the treatment is 100% complete and automatic.

Pyramid Air Protect® should remain within the ozone concentration effective against microorganisms, but lower than the revised IDLH threshold of 5 ppm.
No consumables. Only the lamps that are sold at a reasonable price are allowed to be changed each year.

Works in 2 modes:

  1. Normal mode 24H / 24. Rooms can be occupied, UV treatment and ion generator (no ozone is projected).
  2. Ozone shock mode. Used when the rooms are empty, e.g. B. at night. It takes between 15 and 120 minutes.
  • Just as with the UV-C robot treatment, the room must not be occupied during the ozone shock treatment.
  • Ozone is toxic in certain concentrations. Because of this, we have developed machines with varying capacities well below the revised IDLH threshold of 5ppm based on human toxicity.
Pyramid Air Protect®