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Certification Pyramid Air Protect®

Certificate of effectiveness of the Pyramid Air Protect® air and surface purifier

against bacteria, mold and virus

The certification was carried out by an independent European laboratory.

  • ISO 17025: 2018 accredited
  • ISO 1400: 2015
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified

According to two internationally recognized standards:

• UNI EN 17272: 2020 for surfaces
• UNI EN ISO 14698-1: 2004 for air.

This series of tests demonstrates the effectiveness of Pyramid Air Protect® In both operating modes:

1  – Normal mode – using UV and ion technology
2 – Ozone Boost Mode – Use of Ozone technology

• On viruses, with reduction levels of 4 Log10 (99.99%)
test on viruses (Adenovirus Type 5 Adenoid75, ATCC VR-5) 

• On bacteria with reduction levels of 4 Log10 (99.99%)
Test on bacteria (Escherichia coli ATCC 25922).


These results validate the ability to disinfect and inactivate all types of microorganisms using UV-C, Ozone and ionic technologies installed in the air and surface purifier Pyramid Air Protect®

Certification Pyramd Air protect against the Covid-19
Pyramid Air Protect®