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Pyramid Air Protect®

“Multi choices of Advanced techs for your protection”

Choice 1 : HEPA-Filter
HEPA high efficiency particulate air is an efficiency standard of air filter. The HEPA filter can capture almost any particle size such as virus, bacteria, PM2.5, allergens, etc.
Choice 2 : Mode Plasma and UV-C
Plasma is in charge to delivering negative and positive ions. To imprison the dust’s particles in the ambient air. To drop-down to the surface of the room.

UV-C can kill virus and germs indeep without any products or chemicals added, the Pyramid Air Protect® blows air and eliminate, by UV-C light, all virus and gems that pass inside.

Choice 3 : Mode Ozone
Ozone method of functioning, ozone is processed to kill viruses and germs inside the area. The capacity of the ozone can eliminate at every point in the room
ionic air purifier ozone


[UP TO 20M2]

€ 590.00 HT

ozone generator air purifier


[UP TO 30M2]

€ 780.00 HT

uv light air purifier


[UP TO 50M2]

€ 895.00 HT

ionic air purifier ozone

PYRAMID-III (High Ozone)

[UP TO 120M2]

€ 1,195.00 HT

Best coronavirus disinfection with uv light air cleaner

PYRAMID-IV (Double Ozone)

[UP TO 200M2]

€ 1,330.00 HT

Pyramid Air Protect®