UV air filtration and purification

UV air filtration and purification

Health experts agree that UV air filtration is one of the best ways to promote long-term health is to keep indoor air pure and free of particulate pollutants as well as bacteria, bacteria and other microorganisms. Consumers today are lucky to choose from a variety of air and surface purification systems, including air filters that treat microorganisms more effectively than in the past few years. When choosing an air purifier and filtration system that can treat these microorganisms, a filter that provides ultraviolet air purification may be the best choice to meet your needs.

UV air purification: the basics

UV filtration anti-bacterrialUnlike other air filtration systems that rely on HEPA filters or other equipment to trap dust and other particles, UV air filtration uses the most advanced UV technology to prevent viruses and other microorganisms from multiplying and infecting homes, offices or homes. Other indoor spaces. Ultraviolet rays destroy the genetic material that controls the reproduction of these organisms, making them unable to reproduce. This prevents the traces of these disease-causing microorganisms and prevents the spread of various diseases and other problems. Ultraviolet air purification systems usually combine ultraviolet lamps with traditional filters to remove particles from the air to the greatest extent and kill bacteria and bacteria.

UV air filtration is most effective when microorganisms are in contact with UV lamps for a long time. The longer a virus or other organism is immersed in ultraviolet light, the greater the damage to its DNA and its ability to replicate itself. In addition, although UV air treatment can be used to reduce the spread of viruses and other microorganisms, UV air filters should be used in combination with other disease prevention measures. Purifying the air with ultraviolet rays cannot replace the routine disinfection that people do when cleaning their homes or offices, but when combined with traditional cleaning methods, ultraviolet purification can improve existing plans or systems to reduce human transmission. disease.

UV and catalytic molecules

Coronavirus killer certifiedMany ultraviolet air purification devices combine ultraviolet rays with the production of catalytic molecules to improve the overall indoor air quality. Ultraviolet filtration helps remove bacteria in the air, but it is not effective in reducing particulate matter in smoke and other pollutants. Therefore, UV filters are usually paired with other filters to provide the most effective air cleaning.

Difference in Pyramid Air protect

We support UV air filtration technology and believe that anyone can benefit from using UV filters to clean the air. If you have any questions about UV air purification benefits or ozone disinfection please contact us or for more information about how our products can meet your specific air purification needs.