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Why Pyramid Air Protect®?

“The air and surface disinfection device with multi sanitizing technologies that are UV-C, plasmaand ozone. Give you clean air and health security.”

The best solution to protect your family from virus and bacteria in the Air and Surface is to REMOVE them!

With our knowledge, experience and nonstop development, we create the innovation to help each of us fight outbreaks from spreading the Virus
Our global effort day by day planting a good seed to bring a great result and our daily life will soon return to a normal situation
Feel free to contact us for UV and Ozone Air Purifiers “Pyramid Air Protect®”, We are running to help you and your family safer from Bacterias, Viruses, i.e. Influenza.

HEPA-Filter and 3 mode of Pyramid Air Protect®


HEPA high efficiency particulate air is an efficiency standard of air filter. The HEPA filter can capture almost any particle size such as virus, bacteria, PM2.5, allergens, etc.

Mode Plasma

Plasma is in charge to delivering negative and positive ions. To imprison the dust’s particles in the ambient air. To drop-down to the surface of the room.

Mode UV-C

UV-C can kill virus and germs indeep without any products or chemicals added, the Pyramid Air Protect® blows air and eliminate, by UV-C light, all virus and gems that pass inside.

Mode Ozone

Ozone method of functioning, ozone is processed to kill viruses and germs inside the area. The capacity of the ozone can eliminate at every point in the room

Why do we choose UVC and Ozone lamps instead of the more powerful Corona ozone generator?

It is important to understand our choice because our customers often compare the ozone production of our Pyramid Air Protect® with an ozone generator. This comparison may not at first glance to our advantage, but if you take the time to read this explanation, you will understand that this choice is the right one and very important for the end user.

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Ozone is an unstable gas, it is necessarily produced on site (in situ).
For an industrial production in large quantities, the Corona ozone generator is essential, Yes, but it does have a size constraint which is difficult to implement with a compact and mobile device, and in addition to being expensive and very energy consuming, this constraint is applicable to all manufacturers, including the professional ones.

Unlike the UV-c lamp, the Corona Discharge Ozone Generator requires a 95% pure and dry oxygen, in theory it also works with humid ambient air (Oxygen 21%, nitrogen 78.08%); other gases less than 1%) but it is certain that it will no longer produce ozone after a few weeks, due to a phenomenon known by all manufacturers, but hidden or minimized by some less scrupulous by sentences that do not clearly specify that pure and dry oxygen must be used.

For example:

  • The use of dry air is recommended.
  • Caution must be used in an atmosphere with low relative humidity to avoid nitric acid being generated by the ozone generator during ozone production.
  • In the manual, it says “maximum air humidity 60%.”

To be precise, in a more or less long term if the humid ambient air is used, the Corona generator will either malfunction or will no longer produce ozone, this is why serious companies that have been working in the industrial environment for years do not offer a cheap mobile Corona ozone generator powered by ambient air.

To better understand the phenomenon.

When using the ambient air, humidity is present, when discharges occur, the humidity will generate the water vapor and nitric acid is formed from the nitrogen in the air.
Nitric acid and water will precipitate on the surface of the dielectric and cause it to no longer be effective for the production of ozone, this is inevitable.
This is a serious matter because the gradual stoppage of ozone production is difficult for the user to detect if he is not equipped with an ozone detector.

It is also important to understand, that for Corona generators the indicated production is always with pure dry oxygen from an oxygen tank (consumable) or from an oxygen generator – PSA (produces 95% of oxygen from the ambient air, noisy, expensive with a significantly higher power consumption).

As the ambient air contains only 21% oxygen, if a Corona ozone generator is operated with ambient air, the announced production is reduced by 2 to 3 times from the start to eventually no longer produce ozone.

This phenomenon is not encountered with UV-C lamps, the ozone production is less important, but stable over 8000 to 12’000 hours = 1 year and 24/24.

The lamp provides UV-C treatment of the air without any additional costs or power consumption, an advantage that offsets the lower ozone production in terms of treatment quality.

The choice of UV-c ozone lamps is the right one for reliable use over time.

Why do we refuse to produce portable UV-C scanners, “robots”, trolleys with UV-C lamps.

Even if the development of this type of equipment would take not more than 2 days for our R&D team ?
The material is simple: UV-C lamp(s), ballast(s), half-shell, stainless steel deflector, the same material we use every day for our UV-C sterilizers, intended for water treatment.

Even if we used a specific lamp, the design remains the same.

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This type of device (portable UV-C, “robots”, trolleys with UV-C lamps) has been around for years, without a promising market.

In many countries the method is similar, since the beginning of the pandemic, some serious companies (not only opportunistic foreign companies) well established in the country are taking the opportunity to update this equipment, they try to demonstrate the effectiveness by independent laboratory reports based on standards “adapted” to the equipment … there is no doubt about the result of the tests, it would be much more interesting to know the protocol applied, but there is no communication.

3 reasons for us not to market this type of equipment; efficiency, fragility, and danger for the operator.


How can we be sure that a trolley with UV-C lamps placed in the middle of a room can treat a surface located several meters away or a surface that is not directly exposed to UV-C radiation? In our opinion, this is impossible, or else we do not know this type of magic lamp.

For decades now, UV-C drinking water treatment has been implemented in the best stations in the world, with a principle applied by all, which consists in bringing the water flow as close as possible to the UV-C lamps (within a few centimeters). This principle is also valid for air or solid surfaces.

How can we be sure with a portable scanner that the operator will keep the right distance from the surface, that there is enough time for the contact time to be effective?

In laboratory tests or demonstrations this is possible, but what about at the workplace? The operator who is timed to carry out the tasks will quickly miss out on the speed of passage, the distance to be respected and therefore the efficiency, in the event of a control that will be called into question?


All users of UV-C lamps will make the same remark, how to avoid breaking the lamps?

Simply changing lamps in a sterilizer is a difficult and meticulous task, the slightest shock will damage the lamp.

Breaking the lamps is something that will often happen, because moving the trolley from room to room, even if the lamps are protected, or passing the portable scanner very close to surfaces, are situations where the lamps will be exposed to shock.

Our manufacturing teams handle UV-C lamps on a daily basis, we know their fragility, so installing UV-C lamps on a trolley, or worse in a stainless-steel half-shell, is inconceivable to us.


We manufacture both types of product, UV-C sterilizer and ozonator, we are particularly aware of the danger of each method.

In order to treat all surfaces, the trolley must be moved, which requires the operator to be present, just as with a portable scanner, this treatment must be carried out during working hours with a potential crowd, contrary to our Pyramid, which is put in ozone boost only at hours when there is no activity (usually at night).

Just like the skin, the eyes are vulnerable to UV-C, a few seconds can damage the surface and the mucous membrane (conjunctiva) of the eye, it is particularly painful the following night.


Kills Air Borne and Bacteria 24/7

Do I need UV + OZONE air purifier ?

Yes – Why don’t you want to get good and fresh air in your area?
With Pyramid Air Protect®, it is responsible for eliminating bacteria. Mold and virus That are harmful to the disease

Do Pyramid Air Protect® Air Purifiers really work ?

Absolutely- by UV + OZONE + Plasma combine technology, Pyramid Air Protect® can eliminate air infections like germs, bacteria, mold and viruses, and not only in the air but include on the surface in your room as well

Where is the best place to put my Pyramid Air Protect®?

  • In fact, it can be installed at any place you want to. Due to having a Modern design, You can also use it as furniture.
  • The perfect spot should be the center of the room. So the Pyramid Air Protect® will be able to suck air through the machine and release ozone easily around the area.

Suitable for use in ?

Hospitals, Retirement Homes, Hotels, Hightclubs, Restaurants, Sanitary, Waiting rooms, Offices, Child care, Schools, Fitness, Centers, Cinemas, Theaters, Trains, Boats
Pyramid Air Protect®