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Air and surface disinfection device

Swiss Thai Water Solution Co., Ltd.

Swiss Thai Water Solution Co.Ltd work with the Office of the Board of Investment (BOI) who promote valuable investment, both investment into Thailand and Thai overseas investment. We have very skilled worker from multi-nation around the world to produce our product with advance technology an equipment. We not only service a water treatment in all aspects but we also create and make a device or machine that relate with water treatment such as water treatment system for pool and spa or water vending machine. Moreover, we are the only official distributor of activated filter media (AFM) in Thailand. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, we distribute all of our products to 38 countries all over the world.
We willing to serve our best service and product to our customers and even customize the product for each of customer to empower business potential. We offer water treatment system for pool and spa, embedded and standalone water vending machine that produces fresh water, cold water, soda water and flavor water, UV-C sterilizer, Ozone sterilizer, hot tub with water treatment system, portable filtration system and air and surface disinfection device.

Service And Quality

For the best service and quality, Swiss Thai Water Solution closely pays attention in every steps starting with sourcing the high standard equipment and material. Then our experienced skilled workers use the most advanced technique and high standard machine for manufacturing and assembly. All of our products have to be test before ship out to ensure that it works correctly and efficiently. We are a water specialist certified by WQA. This confirm our knowledge in water treatment. Furthermore, some of our products has an international certificate for example ACS the French certificate and CE European standard for water vending machine.

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Air and surface disinfection device

AVI Swiss Group SA

Avenue de la Gare 36,
2012 Auvernier Switzerland.

Rue des Draizes 7
2000 Neuchâtel Switzerland.

Factory: (100% subsidiary of AVI Swiss Group SA.)

Air and surface disinfection device

Swiss Thai Water Solution Co., Ltd.

111 Moo.6 Tambon Khunkong, Amphur Hangdong, 50230 Chaingmai, Thailand

Air and surface disinfection device

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(+66) 53-106-986

Air and surface disinfection device


Air and surface disinfection device

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M-F: 8 AM–5 PM

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