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Air and surface purifier

Do we need an air and surface purifier

Air and surface purifier is a vital tool for sterilization and disinfection . Among the options to choose from are air sterilizers, air treatments, air purifiers and surface purifiers. And while a clean environment is always important, the best possible defense is needed during a pandemic.

Can the Pyramid destroy the virus

The Pyramid Air Protect® is certified by an independent European laboratory to destroy the virus including the bacteria, fungi, and other germs. The Pyramid Air Protect uses three technologies for maximum protection: UV, plasma, and ozone.

Sterilization by Plasma

First, plasma sterilizes the air by releasing positive and negative charges into the ambient air. These charges trap the dust molecules in the air, causing them to fall to the ground. In this normal mode, Pyramid Air Protect® uses 24H / 24, non-ozone protection generated by ions to disinfect the room. Pyramid Air Protect® removes the ambient air through its suction technique to provide you, your friends, family, and visitors with 24/7 protection. Both UV-C and generated plasma ions increase the safety zone to approximately 2 meters.

Disinfection by ozone

Second, the Pyramid Air Protect® also contains the mode boost ozone (optional), which can be deployed every 15 minutes to 2 hours to quickly rid the room of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This mode boost ozone contains unhealthy amounts of ozone, so it is dangerous for human exposure. Because of this, it must be used when no one is in the room. Nighttime is recommended.

Purification by UV-C

Third, UV lamps work by trapping germs inside and killing them before they can infect anyone. Pyramid Air Protect’s UV lamps work by blowing out air and sucking in germs to destroy them. Once the germs are inside the lamp, they are permanently destroyed.

Pyramid is an air and surface purifier for disinfection and sterilization

Using Pyramid Air Protect® as your air and surface purifier for disinfection and sterilization eliminates the need for disinfectant sprays like Lysol or Febreze. Pyramid Air Protect® can be used in hospitals, retirement homes, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, restrooms, waiting rooms, offices, day cares, schools, fitness centers, cinemas, theaters, trains, and boats.

Pyramid Air Protect® does not require a filter, so it does not need to be changed. Once Pyramid Air Protect® is installed, homes and businesses can rest easy knowing they are protected. Additionally, Pyramid Air Protect’s modern design enables it to be silent, so it will not cause any interruptions. Because of this, Pyramid Air Protect® can be used in any of the aforementioned places.

Stay safe

Keeping family, friends, visitors, customers, clients, and all other types of people safe is always important. But when fighting a global pandemic , this protection becomes paramount. The benefits of the purifier unit Pyramid Air Protect® provides families and businesses with the protection necessary to operate without risking public health. This protection gives peace of mind to everyone involved and enables life to continue. Pyramid Air Protect® is the air and surface purifier you need to continue operating during these times. After purchasing Pyramid Air Protect®, be sure to follow all safety protocols for installation and use.